Our Aslan children need your help !

New Years Message A Project of Aslan Youth Ministries

Changing the world

ASLAN has been around for 41 years. That's a long time, and we are just 3 of thousands of lives that have been changed. We're afraid that sometimes people forget how much good is being done through Aslan every day. We can tell you - there is only ONE Aslan! We started with Aslan when we were 5-years-old, and now we're in college. For all these years Aslan has stood with us through thick and thin, good and bad - always encouraging, always being here for us, always helping us believe that God will help us live successful lives. That's good news in a world that sometimes doesn't have a lot of good news!

Please trust us - Aslan needs you now more than ever. It would be a very sad thing if they weren't here for generations more of children just like us! So we're asking you to give and give generously. Remember, there's no one making more of a difference than Aslan Youth Ministries! Please watch the short 2 minute video (click the picture at the top). God loves you, and so do we !

$600 Raised
6% towards $10,000 Goal

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