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I want to tell you about someone that's daily changing the lives of at-risk children like no other!

Join Dusty & Christian to change a child's life forever! A Project of Aslan Youth Ministries

Happy New Year to our friends & family from Dusty & Christian!

Forty-one years ago, Bill & I co-founded ASLAN Youth Ministries, www.aslanyouth.org, with Craig & Lynn Ann Bogard in Monmouth County, NJ. Since then Aslan has been quietly doing amazing things with urban children at risk. And, for two decades Aslan has been working with children in northeastern Haiti who are among the poorest in the world. The Haiti program began with the goal of taking poor kids from the U.S. to serve & help much poorer kids. All of the children Aslan works with start life with many strikes against them & things go downhill from there. Being a part of Aslan changes all that!

Many of you will recognize the name "Aslan" from C.S. Lewis' Narnia series, and Aslan's deeply held Christian convictions are the foundation of their success! Just as the Lion of Narnia brought hope to children in the books, Aslan Youth Ministries brings hope to children – starting with 5-year-olds & all the way up through high school into college. With tutoring, mentoring, Right Choices classes, summer camps, sports & enrichment programs, adults walk through life with these kids. Everything is personal. Everything is about relationship. Volunteers pick up & take home each & every child for each & every activity. They bring hope & encouragement to young people that have little encouragement & little hope of ever breaking out of their difficult circumstances! Aslan does amazing things in the lives of over 350 children that are touched daily. Over the years, many of these young people have gone on to amazing careers as doctors, nurses, teachers, armed services officers & engineers!

Throughout the year at least 500 volunteers give of their time and talents to tutor, mentor, teach classes, serve as summer camp counselors, teach cooking classes, work in the office, and travel to Haiti to work with our children. (I am privileged to have gone to Haiti twice!) In1991, President George W. Bush honored Aslan as one of his 1,000 Presidential Points of Light! We have never done this for the awards – but it's nice when others recognize the value of what Aslan does!

Right now Aslan needs a great deal more help to keep doing this critically important work! That's why we are coming to you! We live on fixed incomes, but we still give a lot for our Aslan kids. Whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated – whether it's $5 or $500. But please do what you can! My goal as one of Aslan's founders is to raise $10,000 in the next 8 weeks. This may sound impossible. But, that's okay, because we serve a God who specializes in the impossible!

Dusty & Christian Neergaard

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